Saturday, March 5, 2016

Do You Need A Hug?

Sent in by Cindy Chaney of Oregon

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Curly Connect Quarterly Newsletter

The first ever "Curly Connect" Quarterly Newsletter has been launched! The feedback has been wonderful and I thank you!

This Newsletter will contain Worldwide Curly News about our wonderful and rare breed. Recent news from your Curly Registries, Clubs, Organizations and Curly Horse Rescue. Along with any news or fundraiser events you wish to share!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Curly Locator Map - Find a Curly Near You!

New to Curly Horse Country! An interactive Map that allows visitors to search for a curly horse in their area. Many people with horse allergies are curious about the claims of Curly Horses being hypoallergenic and would like to visit a Curly Horse in person to test to see if they react before persuing their endeavor to find the perfect curly horse for their family. Others have never seen a Curly Horse in person and would simply enjoy visiting one near their home.


This Locator Map Page lists curly owners as well as curly breeders who are willing to open their barn doors to invite you to experience the wonder of the Curly Horse. There is no registry affliation, just people who love their curlies and wish to share them with you.

Another cool benefit to this page is that maybe you are a curly owner or curly breeder on vacation and you want to visit curly owners in the area just for fun. Skip onto the Locator Map and wala! Curly Horses may be just a few miles away! Plan a trip and visit Curlies along the way...the benefits of this Locator Map are numerous. I hope you enjoy it! Select your region below by clicking on the map. Each listing states if the farm can accommodate visitors with allergies, how many curlies they own, if they are a breeder or owner, breeder website links and any other specifics they wish to share. Be sure to check back frequently as new listings will be added often!!

Do you own a Curly Horse? If you would you like to welcome visitors to see your curly (s) & help promote the breed simple click on the sign up text below! It's easy and simple.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Contest & November Riding

Our Curly Horse Ambassador Photo Contest is underway! Please be sure to stop by and vote. There are some amazing photos and many have special stories behind them. So please take your time and pick carefully. The 3 winners will be featured at the top of Curly Horse Country for 1 full year as our international ambassadors! Pretty cool, eh? BE SURE to vote for 3 in EACH category. Deadline to vote is November 30th. Winners announced Dec. 1st!

Trail riding during November, hunting season. Most of the country changed their clocks back this weekend. It sure was nice to get an xtra hour on Sunday morning to fool with my website. But boy, it sure cuts into riding time! Every day it seems that more and more hunters are in the woods up here. Rabbit, Partridge and also bow season for deer is going on right now. I found this cool site to help protect your horse during hunting season. Check it out. Riding during hunting season, protect your horse. Our rifle season starts on the 15th, so this was probably the last weekend to hit the trails for a while. Dec 1st, we are clear to go again. Last weekend a few of us gals headed out for a nice 15 mile ride and had a pot luck afterwards. It was such fun! *Note the orange we are wearing. ;-) SO, be safe as you hit the trail this month everyone!

And don't forget to check in on our Ride A Curly Contest riders! We'll see how they fair for the month as we watch their blog. Til next time!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite Online Tack Shops

If you are like me you like to shop online for the best deals. But I really don't have a choice as I live in a very remote area and the nearest tack shop is 4 hours away. ;-) I wouldn't have it any other way though. Finding that perfect saddle pad or grooming brush is part of the fun and part of the hunt for the best bang for my buck. (oooo, that was a pun! Aren't I clever?)
Anyway....I recently dealt with a really great store called Action Rider Tack inc. ( I was not only impressed with the items they carried but how informative they were when I called. They use what the sell and it's awesome! Not only that but after I placed my order they confirmed it, sent me a thank you, then sent me a delivery confirmation and then a follow up! I love a company that communicates well! They got an A+++ from me!
One thing I bought that I really like is the Bear Bell. It was just $7.95 and it comes inside a net with a magnet at the bottom. So if you want it to stop making noise you just tuck in back inside the little netting pouch. I went on a nice ride tonite with Reese and it was awesome. It just gave me a little comfort having a noise maker with me. I was also covered in orange too so I wouldn't get shot by the partridge or rabbit hunters. My dogs were also covered in orange tape. It was too funny. Anyway, back to the bell. In the spring I will be glad to have it. Very easy to put in your bag. I usually find I shout from time to time when riding alone to make sure the mama bears here me coming. It works, but I think the bell will save my voice. lol.

Other great things on that website. Check them out!

What is your favorte online Tack and why?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curly Community Raises $500 for Curly Horse Rescue!

In an effort to promote the Curly Horse, CHC hosts a Curly Ambassador Photo contest each fall. This year, I decided to donate all the proceeds to the Curly Horse Rescue. A small but vital resource for curlies in need. Photos started coming in 4 weeks ago and when we reached the $200 mark I was thrilled! Then $300....then $350. I was in awe! 50,60 and 70 photos filled the contest gallery in the matter of a week or two. Lovely photos of awesome curlies representing the powerful traits of this unique breed, ie handicapped & therapy horses, jumping, dressage, curious, dog like and people friendly photos....and so much more.

At the close of the deadline to submit photos for the contest, a last call was made for 3 more photos to reach a goal of $500. AND the Curly Community rose to the challenge and MET that goal! Whooo Hooo! Congrats and thanks to all of you that participated...and now the fun part starts. VOTING!

The photo gallery for voting will be posted November 1st. Visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the entire month of Nov. Each email address gets a 1 vote per division. USA, Canada and Overseas. At the end of the month, the winners in each division will be posted at the top of Curly Horse Country as our Curly Ambassadors for ONE full year!

So stay tuned - !