Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

My, how the month of December flew by! Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year to All!

In Michigan, we are seeing our share of beautiful, white fluffy snow - which I happen to love and appreciate. We just got another 7 inches last weekend and the snowmobilers in the area and extremely happy about that.

RAC is gearing up, with just ONE day left to enter, so hurry!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year ahead!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hello Everyone & MERRY CHRISTMAS! CHC wants to wish you all the very best this Holiday Season. Times full of laughter and great memories!

To celebrate the season, some friends and I went caroling to visit the neighbors. We had SO much fun. We took them cookies and a card. If you have a special wish or story to share with CHC readers, please send it to me and I will post it on our Christmas Page.
REMINDER: The 2008 RAC International Riding Contest begins in just 11 days!! If you haven't signed up yet, please do so SOON!
If you have any questions, just email me at:
Keep Riding those curlies!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Product Review Page!

Do you have a favorite product that you want to share with the rest of the curly world??
Well, now you get your chance! I added a new page called, Product Review page and you can add anything you wish. As a way to thank you, I will link up your website to your comment. ;-)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

2007 Holiday NEWS!

Just a few little tidbits of news and some reminders. ;-)

Would you like to wish the Curly World a special Holiday wish? Share a story or a special Holiday Photo? Well, now is your chance! Also check out Curlies Austria stories for some great Holiday ideas on horseback!!! Links are on Holiday page. (Thanks Karen for sharing!)

Also, I have ONE featured ad opening on my CHC home page for a sales ad. They don't often become available, so please contact me ASAP if interested. The ad slot is $25 and is a 3 month ad. That cost includes a link to the sales ad sheet for more information. It is great exposure! For stallion owners, I have other ways to advertise as well. Check our my advertising page here for details:

I posted a few new articles on the site if you haven't visited in a while.
- Camping with your Curly
- Groom your Curly for Show
-Barefoot Trim Testimony
-Your Child's First Mount

Additionally, don't forget about the CHC store if you are having trouble buying for that curly addict. ;-))) We (OMD Embroidery) can embroider just about anything, and we are offering great prices to fellow curly folk. ;-)) We want to make your gift giving easy and special this year. ;-)

If you have any Curly Events coming up, please let me know. Right now, the events page is BLANK! We can't have that! ;-)I am sure there are some exciting 2008 events planned, so just drop me a line.

I am still always looking for articles that anyone wishes to share. Maybe just simple stories of your curlies, or something you learned this past year. Maybe you could plan a Christmas event with your horses and share it with us!

And Last but not least --- Don't delay signing up for the BIGGER & BETTER RAC 2008 CONTEST! This is your chance to bring in 2008 right by making a commitment to getting out and putting miles on your Curly! We are all pretty good at procrastinating when it comes to riding - we tend to put all those mundane choirs & duties ahead of riding. Well, don't let another year pass you by! Join the RAC Team and make 2008 a year filled with awesome memories and grand accomplishments! Build a good work ethic that you have tried to do for years. COME ON, you can do it!! (Where are those pom poms when I need them? lol) DEADLINE TO ENTER IS DEC 31ST. SIGN UP TODAY! ;-)

Wishing all of you the very best that Christmas can bring.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

'07 RAC ends & New 2008 RAC begins!

Whew! What an exciting couple weeks! The winners of the 07 RAC were announced and Megan Dick is our GRAND Champion!! AND she is just 11 years old! A big congratulations to her and her family. Reserve Champ goes to Isabelle of Quebec, a top quality breeder of curly horses. How did she ever find the time! Wow...what dedication! Visit her website to see more about her and her horses.

3rd place went to Laura Kibler of Michigan, with Cara Duncan following close behind for 4th place. Then Sophie Allioux of FRANCE took 5th and Erin Anderton who is our speed gal, took 6th! To see more details of our winners go here:

Our 2008 RAC international riding competition will beging January 1st and go a full year this time. Double the time, fun and prizes!!! I am also having a YOUTH and ADULT division - giving these adults a better chance of winning, considering the youth really kicked their bums. lol.

In other news...lots of new curlies listed for sale on our sales page. Check them out!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

RAC ends!

The RAC contest has come to an end after 6 months of great stories and pics. I hope our contestants enjoyed themselves!! The winner will be announced Nov. 15th once all the logging sheets have been turned in. Thanks to everyone for sharing with us and I hope you had fun!! Let me know if you would like me to hold another one next year...I may do a yearly one instead of just 6 months. What do you think?

Saturday, October 13, 2007 I ever behind!!!

It's been months since I blogged here --! I have been SO busy writing articles, updating the site and posting new pics that I just have let this slide.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that ANY new information that is posted under TOP CHC NEWS at the top of the page, will always remain ON my curly horse site. If it is an article, it will go under "helpful articles." If an event, it will go under "event's" --- and so on. Every single NEW item will remain as part of the CHC resource site for future viewing, using.

If you can't find something, just ask me and I can point you in the right direction!! The only links that get removed are the ones that are dated, such as 2006 awards, will be replaced by 2007 awards....or old events.

On to new news!!! So much has happened this summer. RAC is going strong and ends in just 2 weeks!! The winner will be announced the first week in November!!! It has been a wonderful contest with great folks!

The CHC store is still up and working --- be sure to order for christmas. Plan 2 weeks or more ahead.

New article on Curly Grooming for Show and also on the Barefoot Trim!

I hope to do a CTR article soon too. Competitive Trail Rides. Curlies would be great at it!

That's all for now --- remember to sign my new guestbook!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Website Glitches & Blog down website is down today and should be back up tomorrow. not sure what happened but it had to do with my server and domain. Grrrr!!!!

AND if that' isn't bad enough, my personal Blog is also down...has been unavailable for like 4 days!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't fall of the face of the earth....everything just seemed to happen at one time.


Monday, July 23, 2007

My oh MY!

Wow..what a whirlwind month it has been!! Sales ads are coming in steady, which tells me that people are busy selling horses and raising foals...rebreeding mares. Such a huge job that is!

The curly store is up and going again, but without the paypal cart. Just call me to order anything.

This fall I will be doing an article on natural hoof care and barefoot trimming. Some really cool things happening with that.

Hope you all are enjoying the summer and your curlies!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Curly Store

Hi Everyone --- Well, for some weird reason Paypal contacted me and said my curly store was in violation of some policy --- they mentioned "lottery"! - it's crazy. Anyway, rather than argue, I deleted the page to make them happy. I won't use a paypal shopping cart next time.

BUT, just wanted you to know that you can still buy the Curly DVD by contacting me...and any other products, such as the imprinted tees and embroidered stuff.

Just let me know.

Have a good one!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

New Ads on CHC

Hi ya'all! Time is going by way too fast these days. Curly Ads are coming in steady now and it's awesome to see such fine curlies available for people to buy. I also created a new format for easier viewing....

The RAC page is a bit slow starting June but people are enjoying the contest and they are so inspiring!!

Also the TACK BARN page is getting alot of good exposure and also resulting in fast sales. Two Bob Marshall saddles were listed and sold in just 2 days!

No new articles if anyone wishes to contribute that would be awesome.

Additionally, CHC has been on the net for about 6 months now and is on page 1 of all the major search engines, getting about 4,000 visitors per month!!

Enjoy those Curlies and the great summer ahead.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Father's Day Gifts!!!

Hi Everyone!! A new page on CHC.....Father's day gift ideas!!!

AND ANYONE THAT HAS GIFTS FOR DADS, EMAIL ME and I would happily add it to this page!!! Or a link to your store, if you prefer.

ALSO, I need YOUR mane testimonies! Please email me if you have used my treatment and found it works!!!

I think that is all for now! Enjoy the upcoming Holiday --- Promote those curlies!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May Fun

Hi everyone -- it seems my posts are getting farther and farther apart! Been busy having fun and enjoying this awesome weather with my horse. I think everyone is doing the same since there haven't been many updates on the site this week, except for a few horse sales - which is great news!!

I got the Trailer Decals in and I am SO excited to put mine on my trailer! There were 8 of us that ordered them (some of us wanted more than 1) so I have 1 decal still left -- if anyone is interested.

Other than that....don't forget to send your foal pics - I would love them for the nursery.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Time sure flies this time of year!

Wow...a full week since I posted here....time goes by so fast when spring comes. I have been so busy!!

A few updates....I had orders for 11 decals, so I ordered 12. If anyone wanted one and didn't get the chance to order one...I have one left to sell. They should be here this week..still waiting on production. I will email everyone who ordered when they ship out from here.

New articles and foal pics - as well as a few new bloggers. So check out the site to see those.

Also, I updated the mane care article with a video demonstration and some pics of another curly that has had the same treatment as Reese, Billy.

I hope you all you Mothers' had a great day yesterday! It was so beautiful here in Michigan!!!

That's it for now...more later. ;-)

Monday, May 7, 2007

May News

Hey everyone --- well...let's see. I ordered the of 12, so that was nice. I can order more later if interested.

The barefoot challenge is officially over, considering that it served it's purpose by making me a believer! I am going to give it a whirl and try barefoot with Reese. It is sort of an interesting way all of this came out....first, I wasn't happy with the way Reese's feet looked in March. I was worried about putting on shoes until I could see that his feet were in good shape. My friend sent me a video on going barefoot (more details on that later) and I felt like I had to try. To further convince me, I have read and understand that shoes actually limit the blood flow to the feet, which is why over time a horse's feet actually deteriorate. I could start to see that happening with Reese after 2 seasons of shoes. The last thing I want is my horse to go lame over something I had done. I had to investigate!!

I happened to go for a walk in my rubber boots with Tom a few days after thinking about this and put on a double pair of socks to keep my feet warm. After walking just 30 min. my entire foot started to really ache, then it spread up my legs and I felt tingling and pain. It was the lack of blood to my foot. I took off a pair of socks and immediately felt relief! It made me think about horses with shoes that don't allow that blood flow! MAN, if there is any way that blood is limited- even a tiny bit, there has to be discomfort! And I was wearing rubber boots too -- not metal ones. SO, if I had any doubts about the fact that by putting on shoes I was sparing my horse discomfort to the pebbles and gravel..well, in reality, I was creating more discomfort in a whole different way that could cause lasting problems! Plus, Reese isn't at all tender about the gravel or stones...Wow....I was surprised! However, my farrier said if he wears his feet too fast or unevenly, then he would still need shoes. Well...we shall see....

And another cool thing... he can naturally make his own breakover if he isnt' wearing shoes, meaning he can wear that toe down naturally....and by doing this I have noticed he trips alot less!!

I have to get into the heavy riding months to really make firm absolute statements I will do that as time goes on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Contest Begins & Other stuff!

The Ride-A-Curly Contest began yesterday with a gun-shot start! Holy cow...I got lots of great stories and photos from several participants! Check out the R-A-Curly Adventure page and check back often..updates will be daily, I can tell!

ALSO, I am placing the order for the Trailer Decals on FRIDAY, you must prepay for your decal if you wish to have one. Some of us are ordering 2. I want one on the back and one at the front, I think.  This is exactly what it will look like. 13X13 approx size.  
Order TODAY at the curly store.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trailer Decals

Hi there!
I am thinking of ordering some Trailer/Truck Decals.A breeder in WI suggested it and I 
thought it may be a good idea. I get alot of great comments 
on the logo so thought I would see what you all think.
Email me at: if interested. 
I would like to see if we can get a volume discount.
And maybe later, offer them in the CHC store.  Let me know.

Also, more updates....the Contest entries are all in and the contestants
begin their adventure in 1 week!From what I am hearing, many are 
fine tuning their horses to being promoting! 
Check out our RAC adventures page
for updates on the riders and their stories!!! 

Pages are getting updated constantly....the stallipn page, sales page and nursery page. We also have a link to Nicole's awesome Curly Cards. Hand drawn and beautiful. She is a very talented artist that loves let's support her! Good job, Nicole.

Youtube videos are being uploaded like crazy! Check out the new links on our home page...breeders and owners have been having a ball sharing their clips online. I sure enjoy them.

RFDTV forum is up and your feedback is needed!

AND the CSB course page is also updated....and we NEED your help! We have about 20 obstacles that need curly photos. Check out the page and see if there is just ONE you would be willing to commit to doing with your curly and taking a photo to put on the page.

I think that is all for now!!! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!! Catcha lata!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Call!

This is your last day to sign up for the Ride-A-Curly Contest!  I MUST have your online registration form filled out by end of day to qualify. Click the link below to enter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Can you hear it? All the hussle and bussle of horse people getting ready for the summer season. ;-) Everyone is busy with foaling, trail riding and making big plans for showing, expos and summer fun activites.

There are a few updates this week, with Curly sales on the rise, yeah!!! That is always a great sign!! Congrats to everyone on their recent sales and to the new owners.

The Ride-A-Curly contest is going to be a HOOT! We have an amazing group of people entering the contest -- our youngest entry is 8 years old and we have husbands joining & entire families! In most cases, people that just need a little motivation in getting out and riding their curlies. I am really, really excited.

Also another interesting tid bit....with the help of some barefoot enthusiasts, I have been inspired to try going barefoot with Reese this summer. A friend send me the DVD on Pete Ramey and I was so impressed! My only concern is the uneven wear on his hind but I will take it a month at a time and see how he does. You can bet I will be updating CHC readers on this adventure. ;-)))

Have a super day everyone and remember to Enjoy those Curlies!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Contest Deadline soon

Hi everyone, just a reminder that the deadline for turning in your Contest Entries is April 21st. A week from Saturday, so if you planned to sign up and haven't now is the time to do that. I would like to be sure you have your tshirt and packet in time for the 1st when the contest begins.

Other things....updates on the RFDTV project will be posted soon....
Expos suggestions are flowing and we now have page 2! They look like such fun!

Don't forget about the MO Mid States Curly show in June. It sounds like a wonderful show....and a great time of year.

New ads posted and links as well. Hope you are enjoying the site...if there is something you would like to see on CHC that isn't already there...please let me know! Have a good one...

..til next time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It looks like plans are full-steam ahead for getting our beloved curlies on RFDTV!!

The response has been incredible with more than 25 breeders willing to cover the cost and submit quality video and photos. On top of that, we have three amazing people ready to organize it all!!! Terry Schmidt, Lisa Perry and Lisa Boudreau! Thank you all so much!!!

Curly Horse Country will be your news source for the lastest updates on the project.
Click here and bookmark it to stay up to date!!!


Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy EASTER!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Curly Horse Country has been very busy this week, constant updates with links, new pages and ads. I barely kept up! Barefoot Challenge weekly totals are due those of you doing the Challenge, be sure to send those to me.

Off to enjoy by Friday evening! By for now!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


CHC has two more new pages!

The EXPO resource page, which is just beginning..I need alot more input and resource links please!

The Curly Grooming page! A fun page with suggestions for grooming your curly in all seasons.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tons of News!

Crazy and busy week -- not much time to blog, sorry!

Many new updates again this week, starting with the news that the CURLY RIDING CONEST IS ON!!! ANYONE WISHING TO ENTER MUST DO SO BY APRIL 21st! Don't wait..sign up today. CLICK HERE

We also have some NEW sales ads, including the addition of page FIVE -- lots of really nice curlies on the market right now and breeders are reporting an increase in sales right don't wait to inquire or that special curly maybe sold. ;-)

I posted a new grain recipe I am trying with my geldings. It is not really new, but a replacement to the beet pulp I had been using. Click here for more info.

There are also 4 new Featured ads on the Home page. Check them out...GREAT deals on some awesome curlies!!!

The Barefoot challenge is in full swing, with Shelly White and Cindy Chaney logging the most miles so far. We are cheering for ya -- I would love for you to prove me wrong! Anyone else wishing to join the challenge, just visit the link above for details.

NWI Curly horse show results are also now posted! Sounds like it was a ton of fun for all. Photos will be coming shortly. Be sure to congradulate the winners!

Zion's Gait Curlies is our newest Business ad on the Curly Action pages and others. Lisa has some gorgeous Gaited curlies - be sure to check her website out. Her pictures are incredible!

Anyone wishing to advertise on Curly Horse Country, visit our advertising page for details.

I am still working on the Expo page...lots of stuff to sort thru to make it easy reading. ;-)

Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with wonderful comments on the site. I am so happy it is so well received! Just remember if anyone has articles or stories they wish to share, I am always excited to get them and happy to post them. As a community of curly owners, it's the only way we can learn, have fun and grow together. Thanks again, you are all so great!!

Have a good Sunday...more posts this week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Expo Page

It looks like the Contest is ON! SO anyone wishing to sign up can still do so until April 21st.

CALLING ALL Curly Owners with Expo experience! I am presently working a page for the site that will offer EXPO SUGGESTIONS AND RESOURCES. There is often discussion on curly chat groups about how to do one and I thought it would be helpful to offer a page that would lists ideas, suggestions, resource links to materials and also the DO's and DON'Ts of doing an Expo with your Curlies.

SO, if anyone wishes to particpate, please email me any ideas or tidbits. Photos of stall set up, that kind of thing. It would be fabulous. You know how to reach me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We are NOW up to SEVEN entries for the Ride-A-curly Contest.
We need AT LEAST 3 more!
Come you guys, JOIN THE FUN!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Contest Update

If you are planning to enter the Ride-A-Curly contest, can you email me? If I don't have at least 20 participants I won't be able to hold the event and cover my expenses.

Although, I could limit the T-shirt design option to just the "Incredible curly" and pull it off with just 10 partipants, but I really wanted to offer two designs AND do the "ride a curly" logo on the left chest. It is hard when you are trying to finance all of this on your own.....I am waiting to get the other two logos set up to be sure I have enough interest.

Maybe someone would want to help sponsor the event? If so, let me know.

The deadline for entries is April 21st, but if you know for sure you will be entering, please sign up so I know how many are interested. Thanks a bunch!!

Email me:

Friday, March 23, 2007

Contest Entry Forms online!

Easy sign up for the contest :

Some people were having trouble downloading the form on my site, so I had a form created that should be easy for everyone.

If you don't receive confirmation within 24 hours, let me know -- it's a new program so want to be sure it's working. Once you submit info, you will be directed to two more pages, just hit CONTINUE once your information is finished will take you back to the CHC site.

Remember, I have to get your T-shirt to you by the contest, so don't wait to enter!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Curly Foal Nursery!

What's Wrong...can't you keep up?! HA. I am on a you better be checking this blog constantly for a while to stay up with the news! lol. The truth of the matter is that once the weather breaks and I get riding will not see me for a while. You WILL get a break from me, I promise! ;-) I am on the Curly Haven list and all these darling foals are being born. Many folks don't get photos through the chats, so they miss out. AND some people don't have a website, so noone gets to enjoy marveling at their new little one. SOOOO, I decided to start a Foal Nursery Page! Anyone wishing to brag about their new curly foal - you are welcome to email me and I would happily post it. And as a little extra bonus to help all you awesome breeders a bit...I would be glad to list your website or farm name as a little PR for ya.

To help me out though...check out the ones already on the page so you know the kind of info you can send. This is not a sales page so I don't want to make it a big advertisement....just an announcement and you can say anything you wish to along with the photo. ;-)))

Contest Champion "trophy"

I did up a few options for the Contest as far as the Champion Denim DESIGN choices. Anything is possible so these are just ideas. For those can dream while you ride this summer, about what you would like YOUR winning Jacket to be! ;-))
I also wanted to mention that it is also possible that if you DON'T like could choose another jacket style. I want the winner to get a nice prize. We have many choices on our OMD Embroidery you can go there and check a few out.
Additionally, on the unisex jacket -- it has a really nice fleece lining. Not sure you can see it in the photo.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ride-A-Curly CONTEST!

RIDE ANY CURLY, Get a FREE T-shirt and WIN GREAT Prizes!
THE ONLY REQUIREMENT is that you RIDE A CURLY!!! No registration papers required!!*This contest is for ALL ages!*
Okay, so we already have some questions, so I will address them here.
1. Can you ride any curly? YES. The points are tallied based on YOU the rider. So if you want to ride 4 of your curlies in one day....count your entire time for all 4 horses. Points must be tallied based on RIDING or DRIVING..not ground work.
2. How do the Events points work? Basically, if you are doing an event that is PROMOTING, we will consider that an event. The points are based on the participant WITH a if you take 3 curlies to an expo, that still counts as just 20 points. Or if 3 participants do an expo and take just 1 curly...only ONE person can count their time. I wanted to make sure that one person wasn't doing all the work and people showing up just to get points....not that most would do that, but this will prevent that sort of thinking. I added this section to allow for those that don't ride BUT STILL do alot of promoting thru expos, fairs and be a part of the contest. This is such a valueable part of curly promotion.
3. ANY AGE - Youth too? Yes, right now this will be an ADULT and YOUTH contest. If this goes over well, I will expand the divisions next year to include Youth and maybe other speciality divisions. WE will see!
As questions arise, I will post them here - so be sure to check back often!
4. How do I pay? You can pay via snail mail with MONEY ORDER Or paypal, which I prefer. That way I don't have to worry about checks clearing etc. My paypal addy is:

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Men's Design

Hi Everyone, Before this design goes to print, can you give me your feedback on what you think of the new MEN's Design? I had some women comment to me that their fellas are feeling a little left out and would like something a bit more masculine to wear.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Featured Ads

I have had a few questions this week regarding Featured Ads. Just to let you know, there is PLENTY Of space on the CHC home page for Featured ads. I placed temporary ads in the vacant spots so there wouldn't be huge gaps, so those can be removed to insert your ad. I also can fit 4 more stallion ads on the home page as well.

The costs are very reasonable.
Featured Stallion ads on home page: $20/per 3 months or $75.00 for the year.
Featured RANCH business card ads: $100 for the year.
Featured horse sales ads: $20/per 3 months.

More details here: ADVERTISING PAGE

Sunday, March 18, 2007

DVD Damage?

If anyone received a DVD that is faulty or damaged, please let me know. My friend received hers the other day and she said the music skips and so does my voice during the commentary at the end. PLEASE if anyone has any problems with their copy, let me know. I am happy to replace it.

UPDATE: My friend emailed and she told me her DVD played perfectly on her computer. It seems to be the case that if your DVD-TV player is older than 4 or 5 years, you may have trouble playing it. So if you have any doubts on whether it is the DVD or your TV-DVD player, try your computer or a friend's newer dvd player and see if that corrects the problem. If not, there maybe some damage there, in which case drop me an email for a replacement.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

DVD, Ads and Articles

For those that ordered DVDs recently, there was a little hold up because I was waiting on more DVD cases. They all shipped on Saturday, priority mail. You should have received a email regarding that. Also the first orders for the imprinted Curly Horse Tees went out on Saturday too! I think they turned out great. The design on the back is really big so it can be seen really well. Remember to take along photos of your curlies when you wear your Tee because you can bet you will get lots of questions. lol. I had questions yesterday at the vet clinic while wearing my Conroy's Curly Jacket and had no pictures, nothing with me! Ugh. Next time I will be armed...maybe even with a few DVDs to pass out.

It looks like the opinion on the classifieds is to keep what I have or I may lose the originality and the control of how it looks. SO, thank you to those that emailed me privately on that.

I would sure love more articles from all of you. With all those action photos on the site, I KNOW you all are doing lots with your curlies! You don't have to be a 'writer' to send an article. People really enjoy reading about folks like them, just enjoying their horses. It is always fun to read how people first found out about them or maybe one special event that year --- just remember it doesn't have to be earth-shaking...or long either...just a simple story would be awesome.
(try to include pics too if you can - we love pics!! ;-)

Have a super weekend everyone and get out there and enjoy (and promote!) those incredible Curlies!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Curly Classified Ads

I have been pondering whether I need to add an automated "Classified" section to my site. Does anyone have an opinion on that? Do you think people are more likely to go thru that process than submit ads via email? I am torn because I want to maintain the integrity of my site AND also continue to offer great prices on ads.

Right now, the cost is just $5.00 per horse (photo ad) and $2.00 for each additional horse.
Video links to Youtube are free.

If I have it automated, those costs would be much higher for such features.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your comment Brie! I promise to post any updates on responses from RFDTV.
;-)) Let's hope the cost isn't 15K!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In the news this week!

Hard to keep up these days, but it's exciting!

I wanted to let everyone know that I burned a Curly horse DVD for RFDTV and sent it in on Saturday. Who knows if they will even respond, but wanted everyone to know it will be in their hands soon! Updates on what follows WILL BE POSTED HERE! So please check back. I thought maybe this might be easier than hounding everyone, every few weeks about new little updates. So from now on, this will be where you can find the latest, greatest news from CHC!

Many new updates this week so if you haven't been checking daily you may have missed a few things. Here is a recap!

New pics on the CSB course!

New Stallion and Sales ads, or updates

Many New Articles!! "Good advice, by Susan", Allergy Testimony, Wolf Story and Article on Why you should start a blog.

New Curly Store with lots of great stuff! ie Curly DVD, Imprinted sweats, etc.

Some new Gaited curly links

New Curly Book on the early history in Nevada

New pics on the Winter Curls page

I continue to receive awesome reports on the that is really nice. Thank you to everyone for their encouragement.

A reminder to those that were notified about being included on the DVD -- because of your participation, you will always be able to purchase the DVD at cost. ($5.00+ shipping) So if you need extra copies, just drop me an email.

I am thinking about starting a FRP or some award contests next year. I think it would be neat to offer some really great prizes like an embroidered jacket or something really great. News and information on that will be coming this fall.

I still have a few spots open for the Stallion showcase and Curly sales ads on the home page. So if interested, let me know! Once those spots are will have to wait til they expire to get your ad up. There are also a few business card ad spots available. Click here for details on prices.

OH and if you are in the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan or surrounding area -- don't forget about the NWI curly horse show this coming weekend!!!!! March 17 & 18!

That's all for now! More news soon.
~Enjoy those curlies, ya hear! Denise