Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trailer Decals

Hi there!
I am thinking of ordering some Trailer/Truck Decals.A breeder in WI suggested it and I 
thought it may be a good idea. I get alot of great comments 
on the logo so thought I would see what you all think.
Email me at: if interested. 
I would like to see if we can get a volume discount.
And maybe later, offer them in the CHC store.  Let me know.

Also, more updates....the Contest entries are all in and the contestants
begin their adventure in 1 week!From what I am hearing, many are 
fine tuning their horses to being promoting! 
Check out our RAC adventures page
for updates on the riders and their stories!!! 

Pages are getting updated constantly....the stallipn page, sales page and nursery page. We also have a link to Nicole's awesome Curly Cards. Hand drawn and beautiful. She is a very talented artist that loves let's support her! Good job, Nicole.

Youtube videos are being uploaded like crazy! Check out the new links on our home page...breeders and owners have been having a ball sharing their clips online. I sure enjoy them.

RFDTV forum is up and your feedback is needed!

AND the CSB course page is also updated....and we NEED your help! We have about 20 obstacles that need curly photos. Check out the page and see if there is just ONE you would be willing to commit to doing with your curly and taking a photo to put on the page.

I think that is all for now!!! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!! Catcha lata!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Call!

This is your last day to sign up for the Ride-A-Curly Contest!  I MUST have your online registration form filled out by end of day to qualify. Click the link below to enter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Can you hear it? All the hussle and bussle of horse people getting ready for the summer season. ;-) Everyone is busy with foaling, trail riding and making big plans for showing, expos and summer fun activites.

There are a few updates this week, with Curly sales on the rise, yeah!!! That is always a great sign!! Congrats to everyone on their recent sales and to the new owners.

The Ride-A-Curly contest is going to be a HOOT! We have an amazing group of people entering the contest -- our youngest entry is 8 years old and we have husbands joining & entire families! In most cases, people that just need a little motivation in getting out and riding their curlies. I am really, really excited.

Also another interesting tid bit....with the help of some barefoot enthusiasts, I have been inspired to try going barefoot with Reese this summer. A friend send me the DVD on Pete Ramey and I was so impressed! My only concern is the uneven wear on his hind but I will take it a month at a time and see how he does. You can bet I will be updating CHC readers on this adventure. ;-)))

Have a super day everyone and remember to Enjoy those Curlies!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Contest Deadline soon

Hi everyone, just a reminder that the deadline for turning in your Contest Entries is April 21st. A week from Saturday, so if you planned to sign up and haven't now is the time to do that. I would like to be sure you have your tshirt and packet in time for the 1st when the contest begins.

Other things....updates on the RFDTV project will be posted soon....
Expos suggestions are flowing and we now have page 2! They look like such fun!

Don't forget about the MO Mid States Curly show in June. It sounds like a wonderful show....and a great time of year.

New ads posted and links as well. Hope you are enjoying the site...if there is something you would like to see on CHC that isn't already there...please let me know! Have a good one...

..til next time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It looks like plans are full-steam ahead for getting our beloved curlies on RFDTV!!

The response has been incredible with more than 25 breeders willing to cover the cost and submit quality video and photos. On top of that, we have three amazing people ready to organize it all!!! Terry Schmidt, Lisa Perry and Lisa Boudreau! Thank you all so much!!!

Curly Horse Country will be your news source for the lastest updates on the project.
Click here and bookmark it to stay up to date!!!


Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy EASTER!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Curly Horse Country has been very busy this week, constant updates with links, new pages and ads. I barely kept up! Barefoot Challenge weekly totals are due those of you doing the Challenge, be sure to send those to me.

Off to enjoy by Friday evening! By for now!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


CHC has two more new pages!

The EXPO resource page, which is just beginning..I need alot more input and resource links please!

The Curly Grooming page! A fun page with suggestions for grooming your curly in all seasons.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tons of News!

Crazy and busy week -- not much time to blog, sorry!

Many new updates again this week, starting with the news that the CURLY RIDING CONEST IS ON!!! ANYONE WISHING TO ENTER MUST DO SO BY APRIL 21st! Don't wait..sign up today. CLICK HERE

We also have some NEW sales ads, including the addition of page FIVE -- lots of really nice curlies on the market right now and breeders are reporting an increase in sales right don't wait to inquire or that special curly maybe sold. ;-)

I posted a new grain recipe I am trying with my geldings. It is not really new, but a replacement to the beet pulp I had been using. Click here for more info.

There are also 4 new Featured ads on the Home page. Check them out...GREAT deals on some awesome curlies!!!

The Barefoot challenge is in full swing, with Shelly White and Cindy Chaney logging the most miles so far. We are cheering for ya -- I would love for you to prove me wrong! Anyone else wishing to join the challenge, just visit the link above for details.

NWI Curly horse show results are also now posted! Sounds like it was a ton of fun for all. Photos will be coming shortly. Be sure to congradulate the winners!

Zion's Gait Curlies is our newest Business ad on the Curly Action pages and others. Lisa has some gorgeous Gaited curlies - be sure to check her website out. Her pictures are incredible!

Anyone wishing to advertise on Curly Horse Country, visit our advertising page for details.

I am still working on the Expo page...lots of stuff to sort thru to make it easy reading. ;-)

Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with wonderful comments on the site. I am so happy it is so well received! Just remember if anyone has articles or stories they wish to share, I am always excited to get them and happy to post them. As a community of curly owners, it's the only way we can learn, have fun and grow together. Thanks again, you are all so great!!

Have a good Sunday...more posts this week.