Thursday, May 24, 2007

Father's Day Gifts!!!

Hi Everyone!! A new page on CHC.....Father's day gift ideas!!!

AND ANYONE THAT HAS GIFTS FOR DADS, EMAIL ME and I would happily add it to this page!!! Or a link to your store, if you prefer.

ALSO, I need YOUR mane testimonies! Please email me if you have used my treatment and found it works!!!

I think that is all for now! Enjoy the upcoming Holiday --- Promote those curlies!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May Fun

Hi everyone -- it seems my posts are getting farther and farther apart! Been busy having fun and enjoying this awesome weather with my horse. I think everyone is doing the same since there haven't been many updates on the site this week, except for a few horse sales - which is great news!!

I got the Trailer Decals in and I am SO excited to put mine on my trailer! There were 8 of us that ordered them (some of us wanted more than 1) so I have 1 decal still left -- if anyone is interested.

Other than that....don't forget to send your foal pics - I would love them for the nursery.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Time sure flies this time of year!

Wow...a full week since I posted here....time goes by so fast when spring comes. I have been so busy!!

A few updates....I had orders for 11 decals, so I ordered 12. If anyone wanted one and didn't get the chance to order one...I have one left to sell. They should be here this week..still waiting on production. I will email everyone who ordered when they ship out from here.

New articles and foal pics - as well as a few new bloggers. So check out the site to see those.

Also, I updated the mane care article with a video demonstration and some pics of another curly that has had the same treatment as Reese, Billy.

I hope you all you Mothers' had a great day yesterday! It was so beautiful here in Michigan!!!

That's it for now...more later. ;-)

Monday, May 7, 2007

May News

Hey everyone --- well...let's see. I ordered the of 12, so that was nice. I can order more later if interested.

The barefoot challenge is officially over, considering that it served it's purpose by making me a believer! I am going to give it a whirl and try barefoot with Reese. It is sort of an interesting way all of this came out....first, I wasn't happy with the way Reese's feet looked in March. I was worried about putting on shoes until I could see that his feet were in good shape. My friend sent me a video on going barefoot (more details on that later) and I felt like I had to try. To further convince me, I have read and understand that shoes actually limit the blood flow to the feet, which is why over time a horse's feet actually deteriorate. I could start to see that happening with Reese after 2 seasons of shoes. The last thing I want is my horse to go lame over something I had done. I had to investigate!!

I happened to go for a walk in my rubber boots with Tom a few days after thinking about this and put on a double pair of socks to keep my feet warm. After walking just 30 min. my entire foot started to really ache, then it spread up my legs and I felt tingling and pain. It was the lack of blood to my foot. I took off a pair of socks and immediately felt relief! It made me think about horses with shoes that don't allow that blood flow! MAN, if there is any way that blood is limited- even a tiny bit, there has to be discomfort! And I was wearing rubber boots too -- not metal ones. SO, if I had any doubts about the fact that by putting on shoes I was sparing my horse discomfort to the pebbles and gravel..well, in reality, I was creating more discomfort in a whole different way that could cause lasting problems! Plus, Reese isn't at all tender about the gravel or stones...Wow....I was surprised! However, my farrier said if he wears his feet too fast or unevenly, then he would still need shoes. Well...we shall see....

And another cool thing... he can naturally make his own breakover if he isnt' wearing shoes, meaning he can wear that toe down naturally....and by doing this I have noticed he trips alot less!!

I have to get into the heavy riding months to really make firm absolute statements I will do that as time goes on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Contest Begins & Other stuff!

The Ride-A-Curly Contest began yesterday with a gun-shot start! Holy cow...I got lots of great stories and photos from several participants! Check out the R-A-Curly Adventure page and check back often..updates will be daily, I can tell!

ALSO, I am placing the order for the Trailer Decals on FRIDAY, you must prepay for your decal if you wish to have one. Some of us are ordering 2. I want one on the back and one at the front, I think.  This is exactly what it will look like. 13X13 approx size.  
Order TODAY at the curly store.