Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite Online Tack Shops

If you are like me you like to shop online for the best deals. But I really don't have a choice as I live in a very remote area and the nearest tack shop is 4 hours away. ;-) I wouldn't have it any other way though. Finding that perfect saddle pad or grooming brush is part of the fun and part of the hunt for the best bang for my buck. (oooo, that was a pun! Aren't I clever?)
Anyway....I recently dealt with a really great store called Action Rider Tack inc. ( I was not only impressed with the items they carried but how informative they were when I called. They use what the sell and it's awesome! Not only that but after I placed my order they confirmed it, sent me a thank you, then sent me a delivery confirmation and then a follow up! I love a company that communicates well! They got an A+++ from me!
One thing I bought that I really like is the Bear Bell. It was just $7.95 and it comes inside a net with a magnet at the bottom. So if you want it to stop making noise you just tuck in back inside the little netting pouch. I went on a nice ride tonite with Reese and it was awesome. It just gave me a little comfort having a noise maker with me. I was also covered in orange too so I wouldn't get shot by the partridge or rabbit hunters. My dogs were also covered in orange tape. It was too funny. Anyway, back to the bell. In the spring I will be glad to have it. Very easy to put in your bag. I usually find I shout from time to time when riding alone to make sure the mama bears here me coming. It works, but I think the bell will save my voice. lol.

Other great things on that website. Check them out!

What is your favorte online Tack and why?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curly Community Raises $500 for Curly Horse Rescue!

In an effort to promote the Curly Horse, CHC hosts a Curly Ambassador Photo contest each fall. This year, I decided to donate all the proceeds to the Curly Horse Rescue. A small but vital resource for curlies in need. Photos started coming in 4 weeks ago and when we reached the $200 mark I was thrilled! Then $300....then $350. I was in awe! 50,60 and 70 photos filled the contest gallery in the matter of a week or two. Lovely photos of awesome curlies representing the powerful traits of this unique breed, ie handicapped & therapy horses, jumping, dressage, curious, dog like and people friendly photos....and so much more.

At the close of the deadline to submit photos for the contest, a last call was made for 3 more photos to reach a goal of $500. AND the Curly Community rose to the challenge and MET that goal! Whooo Hooo! Congrats and thanks to all of you that participated...and now the fun part starts. VOTING!

The photo gallery for voting will be posted November 1st. Visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the entire month of Nov. Each email address gets a 1 vote per division. USA, Canada and Overseas. At the end of the month, the winners in each division will be posted at the top of Curly Horse Country as our Curly Ambassadors for ONE full year!

So stay tuned - !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Treeless Saddles for your Curly Horse

It is often said that Curly horses are very hard to fit to a good saddle. For the most part, many have low withers and very well spring ribs. I purchased my first Bob Marshall Original endurance saddle while shopping for a lighter weight saddle for my husband, Tom and his curly Zig. I found a great deal on ebay on a BM and took the risk. It was the best purchase I could have made! Not only did Tom love it, but Zig moved so fluid in it too. I tried it out and had to have one myself! I rode in it for 4 years with great comfort.

However, while training for a competitive trail ride, I noticed my curly gelding, Reese was experiencing some soreness. He also had some white hairs on his back in one spot. Red flags went up and I started researching. I thought I may have to go back to treed saddle which I hated to think about. THEN I found the Freeform! Reese in his Liberty Dressage Saddle below along with a HAF pad which is necessary for proper protection.

Jeremy Reynolds won the 100 mile Tevis in 2007 riding in his Freewest Freeform so that says something about the construction of these treeless saddles. They offer a Y shaped girthing system which distributes the riders weight and also a molded foam to protect the spine.

I rode Reese in a Freewest Freeform in his last two CTR rides and he had no soreness on the 25 mile. It was a great saddle! I have sensed decided to purchase the freeform liberty for the knee rolls. I noticed on the down hill that my knees needed support while trotting them.

New they are around $2K with pad. However, I found both my Freeforms used on the treeless group archives, and tacktrader.

More about the styles Freeform offers, here:

(Photo above: *Prairie Espresso Dream, Aka Reese sporting his new Freeform Dressage Liberty Treeless saddle & HAF pad)
If you have an experience with a treeless saddle I would love to hear from you! There are many wonderful options on the market now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Already?

Wow! Where did the time go? I am back to updating my Curly Horse Country blog but it is hard to know where to start. So much has happened, so many new updates and articles. To begin with, CHC is hosting a Curly Ambassador Photo Contest and all proceeds will go to the Curly Horse Rescue. Enter your photo by October 25, 2008. Photos desired are those that you think best shows off the breed in look, attitude, performance, versality etc. Voting begins November 1st and will go for 1 full month. Be sure to check back to vote on your favorites!

Secondly, is a new article on Curlies and Competitive Trail Riding. A basic intro to my experience with Reese this past season. I hope others will try it with their curlies! Check it out.

Next, I have a new classified section on my website for businesses. I often get requests to advertise on my home page but there is limited space and I just don't want it to get bogged down with ads. Cost is affordable, click here if interested in more info.

There are always new things happening so be sure to check back. Curly Classifieds are updated daily and offer some really find curly horses for sale.

And don't forget to encourage our Ride-A-Curly folks! Check out the RAC blog to see what they have been up to and also congratulation the winners of the MINI contests!

Til next time! Enjoy those Curlies!