Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite Online Tack Shops

If you are like me you like to shop online for the best deals. But I really don't have a choice as I live in a very remote area and the nearest tack shop is 4 hours away. ;-) I wouldn't have it any other way though. Finding that perfect saddle pad or grooming brush is part of the fun and part of the hunt for the best bang for my buck. (oooo, that was a pun! Aren't I clever?)
Anyway....I recently dealt with a really great store called Action Rider Tack inc. ( I was not only impressed with the items they carried but how informative they were when I called. They use what the sell and it's awesome! Not only that but after I placed my order they confirmed it, sent me a thank you, then sent me a delivery confirmation and then a follow up! I love a company that communicates well! They got an A+++ from me!
One thing I bought that I really like is the Bear Bell. It was just $7.95 and it comes inside a net with a magnet at the bottom. So if you want it to stop making noise you just tuck in back inside the little netting pouch. I went on a nice ride tonite with Reese and it was awesome. It just gave me a little comfort having a noise maker with me. I was also covered in orange too so I wouldn't get shot by the partridge or rabbit hunters. My dogs were also covered in orange tape. It was too funny. Anyway, back to the bell. In the spring I will be glad to have it. Very easy to put in your bag. I usually find I shout from time to time when riding alone to make sure the mama bears here me coming. It works, but I think the bell will save my voice. lol.

Other great things on that website. Check them out!

What is your favorte online Tack and why?

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