Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Contest & November Riding

Our Curly Horse Ambassador Photo Contest is underway! Please be sure to stop by and vote. There are some amazing photos and many have special stories behind them. So please take your time and pick carefully. The 3 winners will be featured at the top of Curly Horse Country for 1 full year as our international ambassadors! Pretty cool, eh? BE SURE to vote for 3 in EACH category. Deadline to vote is November 30th. Winners announced Dec. 1st!

Trail riding during November, hunting season. Most of the country changed their clocks back this weekend. It sure was nice to get an xtra hour on Sunday morning to fool with my website. But boy, it sure cuts into riding time! Every day it seems that more and more hunters are in the woods up here. Rabbit, Partridge and also bow season for deer is going on right now. I found this cool site to help protect your horse during hunting season. Check it out. Riding during hunting season, protect your horse. Our rifle season starts on the 15th, so this was probably the last weekend to hit the trails for a while. Dec 1st, we are clear to go again. Last weekend a few of us gals headed out for a nice 15 mile ride and had a pot luck afterwards. It was such fun! *Note the orange we are wearing. ;-) SO, be safe as you hit the trail this month everyone!

And don't forget to check in on our Ride A Curly Contest riders! We'll see how they fair for the month as we watch their blog. Til next time!

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  1. Very nice picture and horse is looking very good ,i aslo wanted to buy a horse and a new saddle ie.English saddles